JEM CATS cattery, member of FIFÉ is a Maine Coon Cattery in Bergen op Zoom. A town in the south of the Netherlands near the Belgian border.

The JEM Cats Cattery is owned by Joke Gerritse.
We like to breed a litter of kittens about once or twice a year.
Our Coons can run throughout the house and can also get outside by going to our outdoor residence to play and lie in the sun.
Indoors the Coons have to share the chairs with 3 other inhabitants of the house.


The JEM Cats Cattery only want to breed with really healthy cats and want to keep the race as it came out of the nature. Strong, muscled with a very kind and friendly character.
Our Cats are checked for (transferable) diseases.

A cat will not have kittens before she's 1,5 year old and will get a litter of kittens about once a year.
Would you like to now more about our cats, please go to the "our cats" section for more detailed information, pedigrees and pictures.






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