JEM Cats Elise (neutered)

One week after Elise was born we decided to keep her in our cattery. She is a red tabby girl with the eyes of her mother.

Elise has a personality that we all like so much! She likes to play with us and the other cats. When she is tired she likes to lay down on your lap. Purring all the time.

We are very, very..... happy to have this sweet girl in our cattery!


Pictures of Elise
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Elise in Action
come let's play
She seems to notice everything
Elise 17 weeks old
Elise 17 weeks old
Elise 6,5 month
Elise 2,5 years
Elise 4 years

Red blotched girl: MCO d 22
Born: 06-01-2004

Parents Grand parents Great Grand Parents Great Great Grand Parents






Jem Cats Flint

red blotched

MCO d 22

CH. Spitzacker's Pancho- CU

black blotched white MCO n 09 22




*GC.Macavity Gatsby black blotched -CFA

MCO n 22

IC.Macavity Calypso-DEKZV

MCO d 09 22

Mama-Walker's Bal-Astra-DEKZV-

MCO fs 09 22

Mainz Coon's Cleo black blotched white SBT

MCO n 09 22

EC.Mainz Coon's Missouri-SBT

MCO n 22

Seascape Emily CFA MCO n 09 22

Jem Cats Nova Sire red blotched

MCO d 22

Dribbles Meow of Never Ending

red blotched/white MCO d 09 22

GIC.Frolicoon Rebel Without A Cause- CFA MCO n 09 22

Dynamicats Indicent Proposel
MCOd 09 22

Mt.Kathadin's Faithless

black torti blotched MCO f 22

CH. Cooncreole DjazzyD.Brouwn-CFA MCO n 09 22

EC.Mt.Kathadin's Color Me Badd

MCO f 22





CH. Hotspot Child of Maine

black torti blotched/white

MCO f 09 22

EC.Sarafina's Backstreet Boy -DK black blotched/white MCO n 09 22


Guldfalkse'sTucson -DK- black mackrel MCO n 23


EC/WW'95/96 MaineMark's Dakota -DK- MCO n 23

Mt.KitteryHadley- CFA MCO n 23

IC. Thundercats Wildflower-KVB black torti blotched /white

MCO f 09 22


*EC. Cooncreole Tabasco-CFA

MCO d 22

*CH. Coonyham Tammany-CFA

MCO a 09 22

Sydney Child of Maine bleu torti blotched/white

MCO g 09 22

EC. Adventhill Buddylee-CFA

red blotched/white MCO d 09 22

*CH.Hylsyde Sasquatch MCO n 22 -CFA

*CH.Maineline Technicolor - CFA MCO f 09 22

EC. Georgia Child of Maine

black blotched

MCO n 22

Ranchero's Silver Bullet-CFA

MCO ns 22

IP. Wichita Child of Maine -MCO fs 09 22



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