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There were reasons to believe that the Maine Coon cat is originally from Maine, a territory in northern area of the USA.
It's a strong cat, which has adapted to the rough climate of Maine very well. The Maine Coon is very muscled and tall to average in size, it's quite cautious but very well aware of it's environment.
The Maine Coon also has a very kind and friendly character.
When it gets in touch with new situations and/or strange people, the cats can be shy and holding back.

The Maine Coon was in 1870 on the first real cat show already.
A famous winner on the show of 1884 was Richelieu, a seven year old cat which was about nine kilogram's.
The Maine Coon got less popular with the coming of the Persians and Siameses.
Thank heavens the Maine Coon did not get completely forgotten. in 1976 the first Maine Coon's came to Europe, and europe fell in love with them immediately.
In 1982 the race got avowed by FiFe.
The breeders ideal is to keep the race as it came out of nature.
There also is a story going round, which says the Maine Coon is cross breed of a wild bush cat and a raccoon, which biologically seen isn't possible.
This story doesn't appeared to be true, but the Maine Coon must have seen the dogs play, because 3 of our cats can fetch.
This game they can play for hours, for example my cat Nova picks up her mouse toy and puts it on your feet, and then starts looking begging at you, when it actually takes to long for her likings before you throw away her toy, she will let her soft voice be heard.

This soft voice is typical for the Maine Coon.
The fur is usually easily to maintain and is very soft, the legs and belly will require some attention.
The male cat is the heaviest gender. 7-10 kg. Female 5-7 kg.
The Coon is high legged and gives a muscled and strong impression.
The fur of theirs is very good for all seasons, but in spring you will need to use your vacuum cleaner a lot more often because of their loss of winter coat.
The Maine Coons come in all kind of colours, of which brown tabby is the most popular one.
Except: Lila, Chocolate and Siamese point, these are not allowed. There are two fur patterns: classic and mackerel.






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