Jemcats Lente

Lente is a Black tortie tabby with white female.

Born in march 25th 2012
She's the daughter of Tigimo’s Zoe and Nova’s Place For Everyman (Sem)

Immediatly after birth it was certain that she would remain in our cattery!

When she is tired she likes to lay down on your lap, and cuddle all the time.

We look forward to see how she developes in the coming years.


Pictures of Lente
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9 weeks old
9 weeks old
11 weeks old
Lente 7 maanden
11 weeks old
4 months old
8 months old
Lente 8 maanden
Lente 8 maanden
8 months old
8 months old

Black tortie tabby/white female
Born: 25-03-2012

Parents Grand parents Great Grand Parents Great Great Grand Parents

Nova’s Place For Everyman            MCO. n 09 22

WaterCoons Harald Blaatand P MCO a 09 22

IC Rocky Racoon of Canpaza                   MCO w 63/odd-eyed

Kumskaka White For Harvest MCO w 62

Mercy of Canpaza          
MCO g 22

Coon Mtn Cissy Manytoes                  MCO f 22

CH. Thunderpaws Pink Panther MCO e 22

Coon Mtn Skip To My Lou MCO f 22

Morning Breeze v 3-Linden-Brunnen MCO n 09 22

GIC. Bastien Bright Star Rainbow Valley MCO n 09 22

GIC. Super Star’s Jesco       MCO n 22

CH. Angelina Main Bastet MCO n 09 22

CH. Georgia v 3-Linden Brunnen    MCO f 23

EC. Castle Rock Makin’Whoopee            MCO d 23

IC Venus of Gentle Lions MCO n 22

Tigimo’s Zoe       MCO f 22

Mt. Kathadin's Replay                   MCO d 22

CH. American Beautys Ruven        MCO a 22

IC. AmericanBeautys Jack Daniels MCO n 22

Maine Coon Dynasty's Toscana MCO n 22

EC. Mt. Kathadin's Flower Power          MCO f 09 22

Ch. Super Star's Shakur MCO n 09 22

IC. Mt. Kathadin's Chicane
MCO f 09 22 DM

Colourful Coons Roxanne                MCO f

IC. Love Hulen’s Bojangels                 MCO n 22

Florian Silver Dollar      MCO ns

Love Hulen’s Lucida      MCO f 09 22

Dynamicats Kiss of Fire MCO d 22

CH. Red Stone Rocket of Coon- Castle
MCO d 09 22

Kumskaka Tested by Fire MCO f 09 22




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