JEM Cats Nicci.

Jem Cats Nicci is the daughter of Tigimo Zoe and Mt. Kathadin’s Rock DJ
She was born in our cattery.

Nicci is a torti tabby female, and
we are very happy to have her with us.
She is a lovely and relaxed cat.

Always playing,purring and talking.
She basicly likes everyone who want to play with her.

Sem is her big playmate in the house.

( Nicci is neutered )

Pictures of Nicci
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Nicci 4 months
Nicci 4 months
Nicci 6 months
Nicci 8 months
Nicci 9 months
Nicci 9 months

Female Tortie Tabby (F 22)


Grand parents

Great Grand Parents

Great Great Grand Parents

Mt.Kathadin's Rock DJ

MCO n 09 22

Younster of Koi Pond

MCO d 22

EC Jerry of Koi Pond

MCO n 09 22

CH Zampano of Koi Pond MCO es 09

IC Tokahee of Magic Cottage MCO n 22

Galaxy of Koi Pond

MCO f 22

WC Willowplace Number One MCO n 22

CH Langstteich's P. Faxsimile MCO d 09 22

Coon Forest Jingle Bell Rock

MCO f 09 22

EC/JW Fribanikos Al Capone

MCO d 09 22

EC Elmer of MaineHouse MCO n 22

Sebasco's Wyoming MCO f 09 22

IC Godiva zur Waldemaine

MCO n 22

EC/WW Koontucky Major Otti MCO n 22

CH Wildwillows Uriah Heep MCO n 22

Tigimo’s Zoe

MCO f 22

Mt. Kathadin’s Replay

MCO d 22

American Beautys Ruven

MCO a 22

*IC American Beautys Jack Daniels MCO n 22

Maine Coon Dynasty’s Toscana MCO n 22

EC Mt. Kathadin’s Flower Power DSM

MCO f 09 22(f22)

CH Super Star’s Shakur MCO n 09 22

IC Mt. Kathadin’s Chicane MCO f 09 22

Colourful Coons Roxanne


IC Love Hulen’s Bojangles

MCO n 22

Florian’s Silver Dollar MCO ns

Love Hulen’s Lucida MCO f 09 22

Dinamicats Kiss of Fire

MCO d 22

CH Red Stone Rocket of Coon-Castle MCO d 09 22

Kumskaka Tested by Fire MCO f 09 22




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