Mt. Kathadin's Replay.

Replay is born in Cattery Mt. Kathadin on christmas evening(24-12-'05). He is a wonderfull cat and we are very happy that he lives with us. Replay is a tough red fellow!

His parents Flower and Raven did a great job! (with a bit help of the Mt. Kathadin's crew).

Thanks to the Mt. Kathadin's crew for make Replay the cat he is!

( Replay is neutered )

Pictures of Replay
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Replay 12 weeks
Replay 12 weeks
Replay 12 weeeks
Replay 5 months
Replay 5 months
Replay 5 months
Replay 1 year
Replay 2 years
replay 4yr
Replay 3 years
Replay 4 years

Red blotched boy: MCO d 22
Born: 24-12-2005

Parents Grand parents Great Grand Parents Great Great Grand Parents


AmericanBeautys Ruven

MCO a 22


IC.AmericanBeautys Jack Daniels

MCO n 22

CH.AmericanBeautys Brooklyn MCO n 22

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Arctic Coon's Origo Bluestar MCO a 22

EC/SW'00 Arctic Coon's Full Moon

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GIC. Mt.Kathadin's Flower Power

MCO f 22


CH.Super Star's Shakur

MCO n 22

GIC.Willowplace Shakari MCO n 09 22

Willowplace Shenandoah

Willowplace Spellcaster

CH. Thunderball's Bellis MCO a 22

Brinkcoon-Cat's Pingo

Thunderball's Dana

IC.Mt.Kathadin's Chicane DM

MCO f 09 22

CH. Unicat Shaquille MCO n 22

GIC.Khamsin's Brubeck

GIC.Seascape Coontiki

Mt.Kathadin's Spice Girl MCO f 09 22

Cochise of Highland

EC.Mt.Kathadin's Color Me Badd



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